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My backstory

Lori Ferguson - lifestyle writerI’ve had a love affair with words all of my life—I started talking way too early for my own good (just ask my mother) and have rarely been found without a book in my hand since making sense of those 26 letters.

My infatuation with language increased as I navigated my way through four years of high school Latin. Six years and two degrees later, I had an M.A. in art history, a burgeoning vocabulary and all sorts of things I was eager to see, experience and discuss.

Before starting my freelance business, I served as the Communications Manager for Newsletters and Conferences at Harvard Business School Publishing, and prior to that, I worked as Public Relations Director for two museums.

I’m an East Coast transplant from central Illinois and I love to travel. I’ll grab any excuse to duck into an art museum, I’m a bit of a gym rat and I’m crazy about my pets. I hate to be late and I love nothing more than a good belly laugh.

My promise

I realize that there are hundreds, probably thousands, of gifted writers out there who could handle your project—so why work with me? Simple: I’m not just a project manager, I’m a partner, someone who is as invested in the final product as you are.

I like meeting people and learning new things. If you choose to work with me, you’re entrusting me with your story. I take that trust seriously, and in exchange, I promise the following:

• I will listen carefully to what you want and deliver upon your requests.
• I will bring energy and enthusiasm to every project we do together.
• I will respect your time and your budget.
• I will meet my deadlines.
• I will be the sort of person you’re happy to hear from.

If you think we’d be a good fit, I’d be delighted to speak with you about your project. Just shoot me an email or give me a call!

“Lori is a talented, insightful communicator. She has superb writing and people skills—two requisites for high success in all kinds of communications. She is also a team player, eager to support her colleagues. And finally, she is a pleasant person to have around. I highly recommend her.”

– Susan Rivers, VP and Global Head of Wealth Management Corporate Communications, BNY Mellon

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