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“Lori is the most efficient freelancer I’ve ever worked with, period. Not only can she turn a piece around quickly, she’s communicative in just the right amount; utterly professional and skilled as a reporter and interviewer (so I’ve been told by more than one magazine profile subject); and a smooth, articulate, thorough, reliable writer. AND she’s easy and pleasant to work with through the editing process, which can be a rare thing. Assigning a story to Lori means you can breathe a sigh of relief; consider it checked off your list!”

— Jennifer Sutton, Writer/Editor, NMH Magazine Northfield Mount Hermon

“Having worked in the communications, website, and publishing world for more than ten years, I’ve hired dozens and dozens of writers and have dealt with all types. Lori has risen to the top in every instance I’ve worked with her, delivering insightful, interesting, and tightly written pieces that always meet word count and (incredibly!) often exceed deadline expectations. Of equal importance, she is a pleasure to work with and always leaves our profile subjects grateful for the experience. I’d happily recommend Lori to anyone looking for a professional writer who can sift through an interview and find angles that not only tell the story accurately, but with color and interest.”

— Andrew Fletcher, Associate Director of Communications Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

“When your directive is to include a profile on alumnus ‘X’ and you know he’s notoriously difficult to interview, who do you call? Why Lori Ferguson, of course! Not only does Lori turn out engaging and compelling stories, she has a special ability to draw the best out of even the most difficult interviews. It’s almost like a magic power the way she makes the subjects of her stories feel at ease. I am constantly in awe of her talent and so grateful to have connected with her.”

— Jennifer Stoudt, Director of Publications & Editor, The Albright Reporter, Albright College

“I can’t say enough about what a positive experience it is to work with Lori. In addition to her formidable talent, she brings to the table the highest degree of professionalism, punctuality, flexibility and creativity. For us, she has proven to be adept at the interview process and has been skilled in gleaning key information from a variety of sources in order to craft insightful and interesting articles for our magazine. I would not hesitate to recommend Lori for any writing assignment out there.”

— Kathy Heydt, Director of Communications, Portsmouth Abbey School

“Lori is a godsend for the busy editor. She is quick, efficient and delivers well-written pieces before deadline. You’ll never have to worry about an assignment being late! She works with you to get the best story possible, and is great with handling any follow-up questions or adjustments that may come up in the editing process. She is professional, organized and communicative, and has a happy talent for drawing out compelling quotes and crucial information from her subjects. Lori’s articles do not disappoint and I would not hesitate to recommend her!”

— Coleen Dee Berry, Managing Editor, Wilson Magazine, Wilson College

“Lori is one of our go-to writers for our alumni magazine. We can hand her any type of assignment, and she will take it from there with great skill and the utmost professionalism. She is reliable and communicative, always answering emails, questions and assignment queries in a timely fashion. Lori turns out vibrant, interesting and well-proofed copy and meets even the tightest deadlines. If there is a snag or delay in the story process, her nuanced approach keeps things moving along smoothly. An added bonus: She has an upbeat, positive attitude which makes working with her such an enjoyable experience!”

— Kim Lawrence, Editor, Stonehill Alumni Magazine, Stonehill College

“Lori is a thorough interviewer, a talented writer, and a wonderful storyteller. I have heard from many sources that Lori put them at ease, which can be key to getting to the heart of a story. As for deadlines, Lori doesn’t just beat them. She slays them.”

— Sonya S. Adams, Director of Editorial Services and Editor-in-Chief of the Alumni Magazine, Trinity College

“Lori is an excellent writer who understands how to craft an engaging piece for the alumni audience. Her work is thoroughly researched, skillfully written and submitted on time – even when the deadline is tight. If you are looking for a writer you can count on to deliver, Lori is a great choice.”

— Robin Florzak Angell, Assistant Dean, Marketing and Communication, Driehaus College of Business, DePaul University

“Lori did an extraordinary job contributing to content for our school’s redesigned website. Despite not having a lot of web writing experience, she adapted quickly and easily, providing consistent voice to our content and doing the difficult job of consolidating existing content, as well as adding new material. Lori was punctual with deadlines, incredibly amenable to feedback, and eager to please! She was a complete pleasure to work with and I look forward to inviting her help on other writing projects in the future.”

— Dale Vecere Seabury, Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing, The Pingry School

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lori on projects for our school’s magazine. She is able to take a complex topic, conduct interviews, and then produce a piece that clarifies and presents the topic concisely. Her assignments arrive on time and barely need editing. I am so pleased to have found her and look forward to working with her often in the future.”

— Susan Nelson, Publicity/Publications, Rye Country Day School

“We have hired Lori to write feature articles for our alumni magazine, and she does not disappoint! We give her the story idea, length, and the contacts, and she does the rest. She is not only a very talented interviewer and writer, she’s also a very responsive and organized business person. Lori makes the process easy from start to finish. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! “

— Julie O’Malley, Director of Marketing & Communications, Bancroft School

“Lori is one of my go-to writers for our alumni magazine, particularly with our profile pieces. I know that she will hit a deadline, even if I’ve given her a short window of time. In fact, she often delivers her pieces before deadline, and they are clean and engaging. Lori tackles every assignment with great energy and sees it to its full conclusion. She is a breeze to work with, and I really appreciate that I can count on her to deliver an assignment that won’t require a lot of extra legwork.”

— Karen Ingraham, Deputy Director and Editor, Communications, Phillips Exeter Academy

Tracy Grimm--small“Lori wrote the cover story for the inaugural issue of our alumni magazine and, in so doing, set a high bar for this new publication. From beginning to end, Lori approached the assignment with both professionalism and enthusiasm. She submitted a draft well ahead of schedule and produced a finished product (also ahead of schedule!) that addressed all my edits. In addition to all this, Lori is personable, fun to work with and seems to find true joy in learning more about her clients and the subjects on which she writes. I hope to work with Lori on many future issues of our magazine!”

— Tracy Grimm, Publications & PR Manager, The Blake School

“I wanted to let you know the outpouring of positive feedback we have received on this issue of Dean Magazine. This is the sixth issue I’ve worked on in my time here at the College, and never have I heard back from so many alumni about how much they enjoyed it. I think this is largely due to the lovely feature article you wrote – connecting with the history of the institution really seemed to resonate with folks.”

— Jennifer Andrews, Director of Advancement Services, Dean College

“I was referred to Lori by another alumni magazine editor when I needed a solid, experienced writer for a feature. I certainly found that in Lori. She wrote a stellar article for our magazine about a young alumnus who is a food consultant and cookbook author. The piece made his work and setting truly come alive, and he enjoyed working with Lori as much as I did. I would readily hire Lori for a future assignment and feel confident that it’s in good hands.”

— Linda Hedman Beyus, Editor, Taft Bulletin

“Lori is a thoughtful and talented writer who always finds the heart of the story. As an editor, it made life much easier knowing that any assignment she took on would be done promptly, thoroughly, and professionally. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

— Amos Esty, former editor, Dartmouth Medicine

“Lori is a pleasure to work with: she’s friendly, prompt, and keeps me informed throughout the process. She writes well and finds the interesting heart of stories. When I hire Lori, I feel confident that her work will be solid and on time.”

— Ellen Modersohn, Editor, Luther Alumni Magazine, Luther College

“Lori, your article in the Pennsylvania Gazette, which spoke of my work as an architect (MArch ’85) and the launching of my new venture Studio Vlock, was exceptional. It wasn’t just good writing, but insightful and engaging. From our many conversations, you skillfully revealed the real “me” behind the story. Your writing has received universal acclaim from my colleagues and generally everyone who has read it. The highest compliment: my family thought it was terrific!”

— Sandra Vlock, President, Arbonies King Vlock

“[The story on Dartmouth’s Family Medicine program] is well written and really delightful – thanks for your work in pulling together a complex set of ideas and principles so articulately!”

— Cathleen Morrow, M.D., Vice chair and Associate Professor of Community and Family Medicine at the Geisel School of Medicine

“We were thrilled to receive a copy of Design New England yesterday.You did a superb job. Your editing and writing captured most of the points we talked about over the phone…not an easy task I would imagine.”

Sculptor George Sherwood

“It is amazing what new eyes and great writing talent can bring to the table.”

— Jan Eaton, Director of Marketing, RiverMead Lifecare Community

“Lori recently wrote a feature on me for Design New England and the response was wonderful. I received many positive comments from friends and associates and garnered attention for my work in many new quarters. In fact, as a result of Lori’s story, I captured the attention of the Bowersock Gallery and now have new representation for my work in their Provincetown, MA and Mount Dora, FL locations! Lori presented my artwork in a clear, compelling style that obviously resonated with readers and brought me increased attention in several new quarters, exposure for which I’m grateful!”

— Patrick McCay, Artist, Patrick McCay

“Thank you very much for writing such a nice piece on our company [in Costco Connection]. I can’t tell you how many customers, vendors, friends, acquaintances (some of whom I have not spoken to in 20 years) read the story and called/emailed me about it.”

— Jason Harrow, President, Hollywood Bed Frame Company

Jane Balshaw“Dear Lori, Today the phone rang for the 4th time as a result of your article for Around Concord.  Each time, a substantial appointment was booked and they have continued with me.  Sooooo, I can barely thank you enough! Honestly, in my career I have been featured dozens of times in newspapers and magazines with a nod of approval from folks but nothing directly and immediate from the article.  I did not think anything would move with the AC article – but it did and it was your writing (all clients have said how beautifully written it was).  So I thank you again for your talent and the emotion you can evoke.”

— Jane Balshaw, Owner, Euchlora, a private aesthetics studio

“Lori is a talented, insightful communicator. She has superb writing and people skills—two requisites for high success in all kinds of communications. She is also a team player, eager to support her colleagues. And finally, she is a pleasant person to have around. I highly recommend her.”

— Susan Rivers, VP and Global Head of Wealth Management Corporate Communications, BNY Mellon

“Lori’s many years of writing experience and knowledge of the fine arts helped my gallery business to capture the attention of the media and buying public. When Lori began handling the writing of press releases and copy for marketing materials, I saw an increase in sales almost immediately. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lori for over ten years and continue to be impressed not only by her intelligence and ability to turn a phrase, but also by her professionalism and thoroughness in understanding whatever subject matter she writes about. Any organization seeking to garner the interest of their audience would benefit from Lori’s work.”

— Tricia Anderson-Soule, clay artist and former owner of the Anderson-Soule Gallery

“I just read the article yesterday and wanted to tell you how pleased I was with it. You did a beautiful job and the pictures are a nice complement to the text. All in all a very up experience. It was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to reading more of your work.”

— Dr. Peter Mason, Physician, Good Neighbor Health Clinic.

“You have a very good writing style that made the article easy to read plus interesting.”

— Cheryl Tufts, Owner & President, 3W design, Inc.

“I am completely blown away by how you perfectly captured my life/story. I’m almost speechless. Thank you. You truly are a gifted writer….”

— Catherine Raynes, artist

“Hello Lori! What a wonderful article! How beautifully you put it all together!”

— Cynthia Sandusky, Director, The Arts Bus

“[The story] is amazing, and I have already had so many customers stopping by to say what a great article it is and congratulating me, so thank you for writing such a great story about Lilise.”

— Ellen Lessard, owner, Lilise Designer Resale

“Lori was an absolute pleasure to work with, both personally and professionally. One of the highlights of working at HBSP for me was collaborating with her on a regular basis. Aside from being a terrific wordsmith and source of ideas, Lori is whip smart, talented, down-to-earth, and always a professional. Oh, and lots of fun! I couldn’t recommend Lori more highly.”

— Karen Edelman, owner of Edelman Communications and former colleague at Harvard Business School Publishing.

Bente Torjusen“…Again I have to let you know how impressed I am with your fluid, succinct and informative writing. Your article reads beautifully. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job!”

— Bente Torjusen, Executive Director, AVA Gallery and Art Center

“Just wanted you to know we’ve had so much great feedback on [the AVA Gallery] story. Thanks so much for doing a great job, as always!”

— Debbie Thompson, editor, Image Magazine